5 Tricks To Make Your Wheels Shiny

Surely, when you have gone to an automotive center, you have been struck by the shine of the rims of the cars for sale. Do you want the ones in your car to look the same? Then learn 5 simple tricks to make your wheels shiny, just like those of a new car.

Make your wheels extremely shiny

We all know that they are the part of the car that is most exposed to ambient dirt and that they are more difficult to keep completely clean, but we are going to achieve it.

Tips for cleaning car tires
1. In a bottle, mix 600 ml of cola with 200 ml of glycerin, 50 milliliters of fabulous, and 100 ml of ethyl alcohol. You are going to apply this mixture with a sponge to the tires and you will see them shine. The soda together with the glycerin will give it the shine you want and the use of pine or fabulous will prevent too much dust from adhering to it.

There are also homemade products that can be used to give it shine. You can prepare a formula with two cups of vinegar and two cups of water, and thereby remove impurities from the tire. Another preparation consists of mixing 250ml of liquid glycerin and 750ml of distilled water; it should be spread over the rims with a brush and then allowed to dry. The end result will be shiny shoes.

2.  Another way is by applying a brush on the rims and thus removing all the dirt that accumulates from daily use. Make sure that the brushing is so deep that it reaches the rim cavities where the brakes are located since this area is sensitive to corrosion. After cleaning, wait for them to dry and you can show off how clean they are.

3. Finally, the other formula that you can do at home is to mix baking soda and water to make a paste, then apply the mixture to the tires with a brush, let the preparation sit for a few minutes to take effect and finally rinse them.

4. Apply wax on the tires as you do on the car because it will also help you preserve the cleanliness of these. Polishing them will help protect them from dust and other harmful elements, like UV rays.

5. Always have a dedicated brush on hand especially for cleaning tires, since the shape of this brush is what will help you remove dust and all the dirt from those areas that are difficult to clean.
If you want to reinforce the cleaning, the safest thing is to apply a layer of a product with a protective and anti-dust silicone. This will increase the shine and serve as a cover that will give the work done greater durability.

The good appearance of your wheels is not only due to aesthetics but also to good maintenance of them, which will be useful for their greater durability. Some take the necessary time and do a deeper cleaning, removing them from the car and removing the dirt that is in hidden areas behind the screws or axles.

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