What should be taken into account when reviewing solar panels?

The decision to install a solar thermal system is becoming more common due to the many benefits they offer. These systems are characterized by the durability of their materials and their resistance, however, their production can be affected if we do not carry out an exhaustive review of the solar panels in order to carry out proper maintenance.

Thermal solar panels have to meet a series of conditions so that their production is optimal and losses are not generated due to factors such as: accumulated dirt, poor orientation and inclination or technical problems that require professional supervision… With good maintenance and repair of solar panels we will be able to ensure 100% productivity.

Why is good maintenance necessary?

Thermal solar panels are constantly exposed to residue or weather conditions that can cause numerous damages and breakdowns. Therefore, it is essential to carry out periodic reviews of each of the parts.

Supervision by a professional will allow you to enjoy the performance of your plates and make the most of both their production and the energy savings they provide.

At Heat Me Solar Panels and Heating we carry out preventive maintenance in which a complete overhaul of the equipment is carried out together with the change of the magnesium anode and filling with antifreeze. In addition, with corrective repairs we replace all kinds of wear parts: valves, resistors, gaskets, shells or drains.

What points must be taken into account at the time of the review?

To carry out a correct review and maintenance of thermal solar panels , all areas of the installation must be taken into account , from the most visible and accessible part of the installation, such as the solar panels, to the thermostatic valves or resistances that require professional supervision.

The areas to consider are:

  • Solar panel or collector
  • safety valves
  • Deposit
  • Control units
  • connection keys
  • Control units
  • silicone gaskets
  • structures
  • magnesium anodes
  • resistors
  • thermostatic valves
  • Empty tubes

NB: Here is a video on the common mistakes people make when going solar;

How often do you have to check the solar panels?

The periodicity of the review will depend on the part of the installation that you want to check and the type of review.

Every 3 months, the glass of the collectors, the joints and the connections must be cleaned to ensure that there is no residue that could affect its operation. In addition, you will have to visually check the structure to detect possible imperfections. For this type of inspection and maintenance of solar panels, a specialist is not required, since they are lighter tasks that can be carried out by anyone.

On the other hand, every 6 months a review of pipes and insulation will have to be carried out to detect and repair possible failures. This review will have to be carried out by a specialist and will allow us to see if there are signs of moisture, leaks or deformation somewhere in between.

It will be after 12 months when the sensors must be checked to locate faults in time and be able to repair them. This maintenance is necessary to ensure optimal performance throughout the next year in the production of hot water.