Which Type of Cold Room is Suitable For My Business?

There are several types of cold rooms, but before going into details, what do they do, and what exactly are these types of cameras for?

They are installations intended for the cooling of spaces, products, environments… that require very specific characteristics and specifications for their operation or conservation.

Types of Cold Room Construction

There are two main types of cold rooms Construction Suppliers

  1. Refrigeration: its temperature ranges between 32ºF and 64.4ºF. They are known as “positive temperature” and are intended primarily for the preservation of perishable foods.
  2. Freezing: they reach freezing temperatures below 32ºF (they are, therefore, “negative temperature”) based on the storage or conservation needs that are had

However, and beyond this categorization, we can also differentiate cold rooms according to design and size.

Refrigerant Cold Rooms

Positive temperature is used for the conservation of perishable foods such as meat, fruits, or vegetables. In addition, it is also very useful in handling chemicals and in work chains or processes that include them, such as in the pharmaceutical industry.

The interior temperature of this type of chamber is always above zero degrees, and never below the freezing point of water at atmospheric pressure.

These chambers are also known as cooling chambers or cold rooms, and are common in the hospitality sector or food and beverage warehouses, among others.

Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Freezer Cold Rooms

ULT Freezer cold rooms can generate temperatures below 32ºF. Therefore, it can be used to freeze different types of products and help preserve their properties since they favor atmospheric humidity.

They are common in hotels and restaurants, where products need to be kept frozen for a while. Within the industry, we find them in the agri-food, dairy, or, again, pharmaceutical sectors or chemical laboratories.

Freezing Tunnels

The freezing tunnels reach temperatures between -25.6ºF and -40ºF through continuous currents of very cold air. Its design is focused on each product (mostly food) being frozen quickly and individually while it moves inside the chamber.

Its low temperatures are the only way to guarantee the structural conservation of the product from the moment it is introduced into the tunnel until it reaches its destination.

Its most widespread use is in the agricultural industry, although it is also common in the pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry.

Blast Chillers

These cold rooms allow freshly cooked food to be quickly cooled to prevent the appearance of bacteria and guarantee its optimum conservation for a certain time without implying a loss of its qualities.

It is a widely used system in the hotel industry since it allows food cooked at 194ºF+ to go down to just 37.4ºF in less than 90 minutes.

As you can see, although the methods vary slightly, their final intention is always the same: to guarantee the preservation of the product and its characteristics, as well as to offer a suitable environment for the handling of substances that require very controlled and specific conditions.

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