Solar Energy For Homes - Two Different Types of Alternative Energy

Heat Me Solar Panels and Heating is a company that is committed to renewable energies. Our commercial, technical and administrative service team is made up of young and dynamic personnel, with a great desire to offer a professional service and with extensive experience in the sector and the business world of services.

We guarantee professional advice to installers and end customers, with more than 25 years of experience in the solar energy sector.

At Heat Me Solar Panels and Heating we believe and are committed to offering quality solutions in the renewable energy sector, with a clear objective to guide our clients under our   advicepre-sale and post-sale policy, providing benefits for all our clients, all under our philosophy of sustainability in the world of solar energy and domestic hot water.

All our offer is aimed at the end and professional customer so that they can enjoy the best product and service, with the support of the main manufacturers. We have a wide range of products to produce hot water and solar energy with solutions in photovoltaic solar panels and thermal solar energy equipment for DHW (sanitary hot water). Our services are based on a complete start-up solution for all our products, installation feasibility study, repair and maintenance of all brands and manufacturers with original spare parts.

Given the wide offer on the market, we train and advise you on the best solution in solar energy. Our goal is to offer a quality service throughout the purchase process with telephone support and technical assistance so that you can obtain hot water from the sun’s energy for domestic, professional and industrial use.

Thank you for your interest, we are at your disposal to offer you a quality service, enjoy it.